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Kratom Resins 70x

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Kratom Resins 70x – Our Kratom Resin is very potent! It is ground into an
extract powder with a dark, glassy appearance. The extraction factor is
determined by the ratio between the starting weight of the leaves and the
finishing weight of the
resin. It can be
dissolved easily in hot water. It is for those with high tolerances typically using
prescription pain medications.

It is freshly harvested with no chemicals or
pesticides. Disclaimer: Sold as a botanical ingredient with no claims or
directions. It is not evaluated or approved by the FDA for internal use or

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1 review for Kratom Resins 70x

  1. Christine

    Resin 70x is an excellent product and is my last line of defense if for some reason nothing else works I have this in house. I use it sparingly because it doesn’t take much. But it’s my understanding that you don’t want to use this on a daily basis because you could get used to it.

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