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King Bentuangie Kratom Powder
King Bentuangie Kratom Powder
April 3, 2018
King Red Elephant Kratom Powder
King Red Elephant Kratom Powder
April 3, 2018

King Chocolate Kratom Powder

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King Chocolate has double
the strength of our premium kratom with 2 times the alkaloids.
King Chocolate is also a Red
Vein, which traditionally has a deeper reddish brown color. It is a King Mitragyna
Speciosa powder. It is freshly harvested with no chemicals or pesticides.

Disclaimer: Sold as a botanical ingredient with no claims or directions.
It is not evaluated or approved by the FDA for internal use or consumption.

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Reviews (11)

11 reviews for King Chocolate Kratom Powder

  1. Labrika

    This King Chocolate is amazing, honestly it has a pleasant taste and amazing effects. I was feeling better within ten minutes. I can’t say enough good things about this strain, relaxation and quiet calm. Helps ease a multitude of ails including pain and restlessness. I would highly recommend this!

  2. Bobbie Hackmiller

    Red Devil is the only vendor I will use. The product quality cannot be beat nor can the customer service. You will NOT find a better go to for your needs. I trust this completely and as a consumer, that’s huge.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this strain. It’s strong and calming but it didn’t make me tired.

  4. Michelle

    This is a lifesaver for me – no matter what I take, the King Coco is added. Great pain relief and mood lift! This strain has gotten me through some tough pain days, and it’s a keeper for me!

  5. Renee and Josh

    We love the color, texture and smell of this strain. It is so relaxing and great for kicking back and relaxing with a good movie. Thanks John for this strain, we really enjoy it!!

  6. Patti Foster

    Just received my first King Chocolate today. I am very happy with this strain. I have extreme anxiety and now I feel relaxed and I am chilling watching TV! Also thank you for the King Green MD sample which I will try tomorrow. John always cares and takes care of us. Very good customer service.

  7. Kaycee

    This strain covers all the benefits that kratom offers. Calming, soothing but not sedating. This is one that make watching a movie on Netfix a pleasure. It erases anxiety and enhances a pleasurable activity. Unique and awesome.

  8. Brad Grady

    This stuff is amazing if you’re wanting to kick opioid addiction i promise this is the stuff. I was in the first stage of withdrawl took the king coco and its gone all the nasty effects withdrawl brings. I’m relaxed i have a clear state of mind i feel normal for once and not scared of withdrawl. Thank you Red Devil

  9. Malisa Dee

    This is another must have in your aresnol kit for pain as well as opiate withdrawal. This didn’t make me sleepy. I was able to watch tv even sit write bills out. Even the taste of this is better than most kratom I have tried.
    Have 4 starts because can’t give everything 5 stars..this is well deserving of 5 stars but when comparing to other Red Devils strains it is 4 but to all other kratom it is a 10.

  10. Angela Heredia

    Just did my first dose this am….can’t wait until tomorrow. and contacted them and immediate response, and my order was doubled, and also a large sample of green malay. Looking forward to trying my king chocolate I ordered 🙂 EXCELLENT customer service.

  11. Beverly Colon

    Thank you John for recommending this King Chocolate Kratom! It is amazing…. it works with 1/2 hour of my taking it – very relaxing and pain reliever. RedDevil is a great company.

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