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Red Devil Signature Blend
Red Devil Signature Blend
February 21, 2018
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King Chocolate Kratom Powder
April 3, 2018

King Bentuangie Kratom Powder

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Bentuangie is a powerful
red veined strain of kratom, and one of the newest that we’ve sourced. This is some of the best Kratom available.
the strength of our premium Kratom with 2x the alkaloids. BTG or Bentuangie is a specially dried Red vein. It is a King
Mitragyna Speciosa powder. It is freshly harvested with no chemicals or
Disclaimer: Sold as a botanical ingredient with no claims or directions. It
is not evaluated or approved by the FDA for internal use or consumption.

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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for King Bentuangie Kratom Powder

  1. Jen W.

    Just when I think about how impressed by kratom I am, along comes my very first kidney stone.
    The King Bentuangie took that pain, slapped it around, and showed it who was the boss. I’m in awe of the way kratom works, especially this King Bentuangie; it is (for me) about twice as strong as anything else I’ve tried, and I plan to make sure that I never run out!!

  2. Irene Ubil (verified owner)

    John Dee is amazing! The product is the best I have ever used. All I can say is TRY IT! Customer service and prices are amazing! A wonderful experience all around!

  3. Drew VanOsdel

    The BTG was amazing for night pain, finally was able to relax, shipping was super fast and customer service was awesome!!! Can’t beat the product or price anywhere!

  4. Lori Flohr

    John Dee and Red Devil Kratom have been a Godsend to me! I hate the way pain meds make me feel and that they just don’t do much for me. John’s King Bentuangie is amazing! I use it at night for pain and can’t get over how well it works! I get pain relief like I’ve never had minus the side effects from Big Pharma! This strain is so strong that I only have to use half as much as any other place I’ve tried! John bends over backwards for his customers…he’s not just a vendor, he’s my friend! Thank you, John Dee & Red Devil Kratom for giving me a sense of normalcy again.

  5. Michelle

    I can’t say enough great things about this product. It has become my new favorite next to King Coco for pain relief and an incredible feeling of wellness. A superior mood lifter! Thanks for yet another incredible product John!

  6. Renee and Josh

    After trying many strains this one is up there as one of our favorites for pain relief. We love the fine grind of all of John’s King strains. It makes it very easy to work with!

  7. LaNett Wilcox

    This and White are my two favorite strains. I count on it for pain relief, mood elevation, and increased energy.

  8. Valerie Ruddy

    Love this strain for pain relief and relaxation. Great for before bed. This strain really helped me get a great night sleep! Red Devil kratom is the best kratom I have ever used.

  9. Christine

    This is my go to Kratom for everything under the sun Pain related… Fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, Muscle pain. Finding the right dose is key it just takes a few days of trial and error. The day I found the right dose I suddenly stop for a moment and realize how much better I felt. Incredibly pleased with this product!

  10. Toni

    This strain help so much with my pain. I stop taking painpill completely I have my life back IT would be ashame if DEA take this away

  11. Malisa Dee

    This has best kratom for me. I am WDing off pain medication. High dose and this has helped along with Red Devils CBD oil. Delivery was two days at first class mail.

  12. Teeswaran

    Wow! Great quality!
    Finely ground and not bad at all to toss and wash.
    Pain relief is relatively quick with strong sedation.
    Perfect potion for pain free sleep!
    This King Bent worked for my chronic arthritis pain and insomnia when nothing else would.
    It has long legs too – lasts all night for me.
    Worth every cent! You know that RDK’s quality is top notch – why waste money on a lesser product?
    Their customer service is fast and responsive.
    Thank you, Red Devil!

  13. steve Lang

    I just started using John’s kratom it is the best I ever used before. I am a Marine in special Forces for over 15 years and was shot in the chest. I am in a lot pain and sick of pain killers so I tried John’s stuff. I am in very little pain and feel great. John really cares for his customers and it shows. Thank you John so much for caring.

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