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Kratom Extract x70, 1 gram
May 31, 2018
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May 31, 2018

F5 Super Enhanced Blend 1oz

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Unique super enhanced blend that’s blended to perfection with 6g Resin and King Kratom. The strongest kratom blend around! A must try! It is in a 1oz bag.
It is freshly harvested with no chemicals or pesticides.
Sold as a botanical ingredient with no claims or directions. It is not
evaluated or approved by the FDA for internal use or consumption.

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for F5 Super Enhanced Blend 1oz

  1. Rachael Temaat

    This is one of my favorite blends. I use it when my pain is extreme. It takes it from a 9 to a 5 in a matter of minutes

  2. Charett Hamby

    This blend, by far, has been the best and most beneficial product for helping my fibromyalgia. The over all sense of well being it provides, and the simple fact that it brought me back a semblance of normalcy to my every day life, is amazing. I am a repeat customer and will continue to order from John Dee. He has been charming to converse with and always very helpful. I have tried several strains but F5 is my favorite thus far to help with those aches and pains that infiltrate my life on a daily basis. The grind is wonderful, like silk, and very easy to apply. Thanks John for providing a superior product.

  3. Dana Phillips

    I received F5 Super Enhanced Blend yesterday. I tried it right away and could feel a uplifting sensation but not much in pain relief. I started with the smallest dose. Today I went up to a level teaspoon (measuring spoon) since I don’t have a scale. I feel energetic and some euphoria. Love it! I have Fibromyalgia and SI joint/low back problems so I will try a little more tonight for the pain. So happy with this product I decided to try King Red Maeng da too. Thanks!

  4. Renee and Josh

    This strain was very uplifting and mood stabilizing! We like it for them situations that need instant relief. Another one of our favorites! Thanks John 🙂

  5. Parksy Hancock

    John Dee & his products never disappoint! After 15+ years of taking opioid medications as prescribed by my doctor in the course of my 8 spinal fusion surgeries, I am now off all RX’s and I have John Dee & his products to thank!

  6. Valerie Ruddy

    I have Fibromyalgia and when I am having a flare up, I use RDKs F5 to help control my pain. It works better than opiates and no side effects! I will only order my kratom from Red Devil!

  7. Judy

    •Excellent mood lift
    •Excellent pain relief
    •Excellent energy; smooth, focused energy
    I rate this a 10!!!
    I just want to Thank John for his outstanding customer service????

  8. Josh

    I have tried different websites to purchase kratom and RDK has by far the highest quality. I am very happy with my purchase of F5 and king chocolate and look forward to ordering other strains to try. If you are looking for best, look no further. Thanks RDK. You have a customer for life

  9. AG

    great for lifting your mood, giving you energy and focus, and it’s awesome for my fibromyalgia pain

  10. David S

    The F5 Super Enhanced is excellent product.. I have used F5 to taper off Methadone. I was on methadone for over 20 years and with F5 there is simply no nasty withdrawals. Johns kratoms have saved my life.

  11. Malisa Dee

    This is off the charts ..crazy good. Not for every day but wish could take everyday. This is by far best formula I have ever had. Don’t need take as much. I took 1/4 of my dose and this worked magic. This even has the odor of some thing kind of wonderful. I toss n washed even the taste is magical. If you have bad days when nothing gives you relief this where you need to go.
    I found if I laid around doing nothing would rest peaceful but if got up moving around helped me get things accomplished.

  12. michael (verified owner)

    This blend is awesome! Best I have had without a doubt. I am busted up from sports and am waiting for 2 total joint replacements with 2 more to come. The pain has been so bad I have been locked in a sitting position unable to move. When I can I still workout as it keeps the joints lubricated and functional. With F5 I am pain free with just a small dose! My doctor will not prescribe pain meds and I have come to the conclusion that they just dont care anymore. F5 does the job and then some!

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