What is Kratom?

Known as Mitragyna Speciose, Kratom is found in places like Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Myanmar, New Guinea and the Philippines. It is used as a supplement and comes in various forms including crushed leaves and powders. Kratom is known to help in conditions like chronic pains, opioid addiction, cancer, fatigue, stress, anxiety and more.

What are Premium Kratom Strains?

Premium Kratom Strains are only exclusive to our store because we go through a unique process to make super enhanced blends that have higher benefits and very long lasting effects than the regular strains of kratom.

What are King Kratom Strains?

Just like the premium strains, the King Strains are also exclusive to our store, and we use a special procedure to double the alkaloid content in a regular kratom strain to make it our King strain that has enhanced benefits.

Is it Safe to Make Purchases on Your website?

Absolutely Yes! We use SSL encryption on our website that provides our users with a safe method of making transactions. So you can shop as much kratom supplements as you want without worrying about compromising your security.

Where Can You Ship?

We can ship Kratom to anywhere in North America including the United States and Canada. We CANNOT ship to the following states Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

What are your Shipping Costs?

We currently have four categories of shipping costs; First Class costs $6, Priority mail costs $8, Express Mail costs $24 and shipping to Canada costs $25.

What are your refund or return policies?

Red Devil Kratom does not accept returns for any reason whatsoever if you have any issues please contact us.

What are Your Payment Methods?

We are currently accepting echeck payments and cash during pickup only.

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