Breaking Down the Major Kratom Strains Available at Red Devil Kratom

For those completely new to the world of kratom, we totally get that you’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed by what’s available today.  Besides the fact that there are so many brands competing for your money with their unique kratom products, there are also different administration methods, formulations, concentrations and more.

Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most important things to consider when choosing a kratom product; strain type.  That’s right – kratom comes in a variety of strains, just like other herbal products that you may have tried.  And, as is the case with other herbs, the strain largely determines the unique effects that you may experience. Which can then have everything to do with whether or not you’re capable of meeting your kratom-related goals.

What Defines a Strain?

When talking about the strain, we refer to the unique chemical composition of a particular kratom product.  Kratom refers to a tree that’s native to Southeast Asia, but not all kratom trees are exactly identical in terms of their varieties of chemical compounds.  It’s the chemical compounds that produce the effects, and so different compositions of these compounds can have totally different properties.

Some kratom strains are better suited for pain.  Others are better suited for anxiety, etc.  Knowing the difference between each strain has everything do with whether or not your kratom experience meets your expectations.  Because of how dramatically every strain can differ, knowing what to buy if you’re taking kratom for a very specific purpose is important.  Otherwise, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

Main Strains and What They Can Do

Luckily, kratom strains are relatively straightforward.  So, it’s easy to understand what each strain is capable of doing.  Allow us to break down the main strains that exist and their unique effects.

Premium Strains:

Premium Kratom Strains refer to the main types of strains that exist in nature.

  • Green Strain: Primarily known for their calming properties. Hence, why they’re popular among our customers who struggle with anxiety.  Most commonly taken before: bed, before a big meeting, or on a daily basis among those managing everyday stress.  Green strains are known for being relatively mild in terms of how they feel in the body.
  • Yellow Strain: Like green strains, yellow strains deal more with mood. They’re more potent than green strains, so you’ll likely feel those effects on a stronger level.  Those who take them report that they feel less stressed out while also feeling more euphoric and energized.  Therefore, it’s a bit of a happy medium in terms of how they affect your state of mind.  Despite being a bit more potent than green strains, they are still great for daily administration due to their balanced nature.
  • White Strain: Are a bit more potent than yellow strains, and they’re more uplifting than calming. Also tend to have a euphoric effect.  This means that they can improve one’s overall mood while helping lower daily stress reactions.  Most popular among our customers who deal with anger, low energy or low mood.  Many of our customers take white strains on a daily basis.
  • Red Strain: Felt the most potently of all. It’s important to point out that red strains are the ones preferred most by those dealing with physical discomfort, but they also do impact the mood, being uplifting, energizing and calming all at the same time.
  • Blends: We offer unique blends that combine the best that particular strains have to offer to better target individual needs and goals.  So, don’t forget to check out our blends in order to see if we have something that can help you have the kratom experience that you’re looking for.

King Strains

If you’ve never heard of King Strains before, it’s because they’re only available here at Red Devil Kratom.  They’re formulated by us to provide unique properties that are highly sought after by kratom users.  As an added bonus, they contain more alkaloids than premium strains, which means that you get more for your money.

  • King Amazon Green: Think about the effects of green strains, and then imagine what it would be like to double the potency. King Amazon Green is twice as strong as standard green strains, meaning that you can enjoy even more of the properties that you’re seeking out.  Not only does this provide you with double the potency, but it also allows you to enjoy the effects of a standard dose of a green strain while only taking half the quantity at a time.  This soothing yet uplifting strain is a favorite among our customers, and it’s easy to see why.
  • Maeng Da Kratom: Another green strain that’s twice as potent as traditional green strains that we offer, and our customers keep coming back for more. It’s up to you whether you wish to take a standard dose for twice the kratom power, or enjoy a regular concentration by taking only half the standard dosage level.

How to Select the Right Strain for Your Needs

So, how do you choose which strain is right for you?  Well, it’s simply a matter of asking yourself why you want to take kratom in the first place.  Once you’ve identified the best type of strain based on your preferences and goals, you can explore individual strains within that category to better target specific issues.

Red Devil Kratom, Carries All of the Desirable Strains for a Personalized Kratom Regimen

We want our customers to have a successful kratom experience, which is why we go above and beyond to offer such a massive array of unique, high-quality strains in varying levels of potency.  This way, customers can easily find the strain that best suits them, and enjoy it as part of their daily routine.  All of our strains are carefully sourced and developed using the best methods that exist in the market today.  And, our kratom is as legitimate and high in quality as it gets.

Final Kratom Strain Thoughts

When you’re shopping for kratom, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to the strain within the product just as much as the price, strength, formula and so on.  Choosing the wrong strain can mean that you end up having a disappointing experience, and as you can see, the strains actually vary significantly in terms of their individual effects on the body and mind.  At Red Devil Kratom, we make it easy for you to choose the right strain based on your desires.  That’s because we offer all of the ones that are worth trying.  All while breaking down what each does in the product description.

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